Our Family's Journey Through Autism And The Untold Beauty Of It. Megan is an amazing child with autism through her we have learned the beauty of autism.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Little History!

As you will notice there really hasn't been any mention of Megan's father so far, although we were married, we separated when Megan was 3. Her father wasn't much a part her life, he still doesn't really recognize that she has autism, needless to say I pretty much raised her on my own. Until that is I met Jason, what an amazing man he is and you will see that as the story unfolds. Any other man would have walked away, but instead he welcomed both girls with open arms!

I just wanted to bring everyone up to speed before I go into the next chapter. I do have to say this has been an incredible journey and I am so eager to see what is next.

Here is another poem that I love,

Special angels

(Juanita Vaughan Hopkins)

Special children are just
Angels in disguise.
Sent to fill our hearts with joy
And to brighten up our lives.
They have so much love to give
And bring us blessings untold.
We know those tiny feet
Have walked on streets paved with gold.
We know they were formed
From Heavenly air.
Created by our Father
With gentle, loving care.

Then He sent them to earth
To bless every life they touch.
If we follow their shining way
We can learn so very much.
And as we wonder why
God plans things as he does.
He only sends these little angels
To families with lots of love.
For He knows we will watch over them
And love them very much.
But maybe he sent them here
So they could watch over us.


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